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The Refectory in VR

The virtual tour renders the space in a three-dimensional virtual reality model, visitable via the internet or special VR glasses. By giving the user a sense of free movement, they can discover important parts of the Refectory.


Explore the Refectory of the Holy Monastery of Pantokrator

Tour the Refectory and learn Historical information about every aspect of it.


Through the virtual tour, the possibility of experiential participation is given to visitors, who do not have the opportunity to visit the real space, either because they live in remote areas of the region, or due to their special status which constrain their physical access.

While navigating the virtual space, visitors are given the opportunity to interact with various selected objects for additional in-depth information about the space, through rich audio-visual material.

The environment is the result of 3D modeling of the interior of the Refectory, providing the visitor with free browsing of selected exhibits.

The script of the applications gives the user the possibility to approach the data that will be integrated into the system in a variety of combined ways, such as: retrieving understandable texts (written or recorded), using a spectrum of audiovisual material (drawings, photographs, document images, videos, files audio, etc.), selecting illustrations and animated graphic representations, acting in the virtual environment in order to discover further data.

This is a pioneering proposal for the approach, information and understanding of the monumental monastic complexes, since the visitor moves from the virtual space to the real one, having formed a prior opinion and interest in the places they wish to visit, which sets the foundations for a more substantial and deeper experience of ancient and modern space.

Due to the 3D model, the above application needs a high performance computer to run efficiently. If you have any issues, you can see part of the experience in the video below.